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Here is a link to my website: The Animals of Indian Mythology
Image Information: Madhubani Painting


  1. Hey, Mikayla!

    I really like your storybook setup and I love the way in which animals are used in these myths! I also enjoy the way in which your stories complement each other. (Though I'm not sure that the link for the Arjuna and the Asparas story is working -- I keep getting a redirect to a Blogger homepage). But from what I can recall from the two stories, they really pair well together. If I may, can I suggest a trickster story? The trickster trope is abundant in all sorts of different myths, especially in North American myths.

    A great example of that for the Indian is the Cunning Crane and Crab story available here:
    I find the irony in this tale to be quite humorous, so it might give you a different emotion of storytelling to contend with. You might use this to round out a solid character trait and a different character motif altogether, but it's just a suggestion!



  2. Hi Mikayla!
    Your story was so sweet! I like how your storybook is focusing on the animals, that is not something I would have thought to write about! What I liked the most about your story is that you give essentially this background to your main point of the story. For me, backgrounds are so essential because if I jump in blindly, I never know what I am reading about. I really liked how your story did not jump back and forth, as that can get pretty confusing. The main idea of your story was really great as well. I like how your character basically takes after their grandfather in giving whatever you have leftover to another who maybe does not have as much. Also, in your author’s note you mention how this tale of generosity was inspired by a regular at a coffee shop you work at. That man must be the kindest human in the world! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!

  3. Hey Mikayla! That was a very warm story. I originally wanted to do a storybook like yours about the Indian gods' vahanas (vehicles), but due to a mistake, I ended up just doing a portfolio instead. Reading your story really made me realize how great a storybook could have been too. I liked how well put-together your story was and I really couldn't find much fault with it. I personally felt that if I was the grandfather who believed in karma, I would have rather reincarnated as a human again that did not have to struggle for food or anything though. Reincarnating as a pet mongoose or any pet doesn't sound that fun honestly. Anyways, great story!

  4. Hi Mikayla,
    WOW. I also am doing something with animals throughout my whole storybook. I am calling it adventure because most animals love adventuring and just living free in the wild. What an awesome story you decided to write. I like the way you put it into your own words and you were very sincere throughout the story, I could tell. I enjoyed how your character related back to his grandfather and wanted to give back just like him. I liked the whole idea of your story and the way you went about it.
    That man who you are talking about in your author's note must be the sweetest and most kind man ever.
    I think you did a really good job and I don't have many ideas to tell you to use. I do think that maybe you could add more dialogue of your characters later on so people can understand who's talking to who and what not. Overall, great job and I can't wait to read more about the animals you decide to talk about!

  5. Hello Mikayla,
    The first thing I noticed when clicking the link to your website was the way it looked- I think that it's so neat and the banner image with the white font looks great! I also like the concept that you have going for your website, animals are truly seen everywhere in literature. I think that this could be great to use in future stories to teach a lesson as seen in other cultures' folklore and mythology as you mentioned in your introduction. I'm interested in seeing where you'll go with this and how you'll utilize the animal characters in your stories. I had read this story on your blog first, and I think that the revised version on your website is amazing! It explained more on the connection between Pabu and the speaker's grandfather. I think that you made a clear link between the animal and her grandfather, both of which she clearly feels fondly toward. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Mikayla!
    I love the concept for your first story in this Storybook! I love themes of generosity and kindness and I think you captured those themes very well in your story. The way you introduce us into the story through the grandfather's journal really caught my attention and I definitely think it was an impressive choice to begin that way.
    I have one suggestion for your story: I want more of Pabu! His character seems like it would be so cute and I think it would really make your story that much more interesting if you included more descriptions of Pabu's appearance and his interactions with his new owner. For instance, when the narrator found him as a baby, was he bundled in blankets like a cartoon animal would be or was he cowering in a dark alley? Is he fluffy? By adding more descriptions of Pabu, the audience will become more attached to this adorable reincarnated grandfather that you have created. I definitely want to read more about him already for sure!
    Good job!

  7. Hey Mikayla, I really enjoyed the layout of your website. It was soothing on the eye and easy to navigate. This was not my first time reading a story about the Mongoose. I really enjoyed your version of the revision. I like the common theme of generosity, you did a great job showing this character trait in your story. You also did a great job incorporating another story to this plot. I like the fact that you made another story such as Avatar into the new plot, this was a creative idea. This was a great start for your storybook. I cannot wait to see how you built your storybook and built your characters in your other stories. Overall this was one of my favorite stories I have read, you did a great job. Keep up the great work. I would recommend doing some more reviewing and editing, but your writing skills show in your work.

  8. Hi Mikayla,

    I'm popping in from the other class! I took Indian epics last year, and I'm excited to see your storybook! I didn't catch all the animal things when I took that class, so I feel like I get to learn even more about the epics than I did the first time. When I read dog stories, I now think of you lol.
    I think you have an excellent start with your introduction and your opening story. I love the straightforwardness of your introduction. It's nice to learn more about you and your personal interests, rather than just a narration from a character or something.
    As for the first story, I loved it of course. As a server, I totally love encouraging people to give lol. Tip karma is real people, always tip your barista or waitperson!
    I think that to improve this story you could proofread. In the opening, you have "thins", but it should be "things".
    I also was a bit confused about the characters in the story. You have two characters writing from the "I" perspective. One is the person that wrote the journal entry (Grandpa Kartick), but who is the person that is reading the journal entry? Is it the mongoose? I'm unfamiliar with the original, maybe that is why I was confused.

    As a side note, I just finished watching all of Avatar the Last Airbender for the first time (legit like 3 days ago I finished!). We could have watched together lol. Maybe we can watch Legend of Korra together instead.
    Best of luck with the rest of the class,

    Grayce :)

  9. Hey Mikayla!

    Your epics of India project is awesome! I really like how your introduction is so clear. You provide a good amount of detail on why you chose to animals for your project. I specifically like how you mention how animals are a significant symbols or metaphors. This project is really unique, as I have not read another project based on the same idea. I wish I could give you a suggestion on how to improve your story, but your story is already excellent. I haven't read a story like this until now. I really like how you did a great job depicting the note. The tea or coffee smudge was a really good thought and I like how you included it. Although, an idea to add to your story would be giving the mongoose a little bit more of character in the story. You could potentially do this by having the mongoose do something that reminds him of his grandfather. The idea of reincarnation here is big, so this would help add to that.

  10. Hey Mikayla! I just finished reading the intro and first story for your project! It is really looking great! I thought it was such a creative idea to use stories as a representation of animals! It was something I had never really seen in a project! Your choice of colors, design, and layout for your project are so great! They fit so well with your theme of animals and the colors bring a lot of brightness to your project! Super cute! Your story for the mongoose was adorable and I really like the message of generosity! You did a great job in your writing and conveying the tone of the mongoose. I also thought it was a neat idea that you were inspired by Avatar the last airbender to include the idea of reincarnation. I am also a major fan by the way! I immediately thought of legend of kora when I saw the name Pabu in your story and your author's note confirmed it! They both are really amazing shows for sure! I look forward to reading your story and the characters of the foolish timid Rabbit. I wonder how you will really personify them! You have done a great job! Keep up the great work!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hello Mikayla,
    I really enjoyed reading your intro and first story and exploring around your website! Your Indian epics project is awesome and I can see the effort you put into this by all the attention to detail and everything. I also like the way you put it into your own words and you were very sincere throughout the story. I enjoyed how your character related back to his grandfather and wanted to give back just like him. I like the way you put it into your own words and you were very sincere throughout the story. I enjoyed how your character related back to his grandfather and wanted to give back just like him. I really enjoyed reading your intro and first story and exploring around your website! I really like how you did a great job depicting the note and writing on the tea or coffee smudge was a really good thought and idea. Pabu in your story made me think of the Legends of Korra, I just finished watching that series and my goodness was it incredible. I didn't think it was that good until the end of season 1 and really liked watching it. Overall, I really enjoyed exploring your site and reading up on your stories and I hope to read more! Keep up the great work!

  13. Hi Mikayla!

    I just wanted to start off by saying that your project looks great! I like the layout and the title you have used. Animals are such a great way to retell epics of India! Your first story, The Mongoose, is great! I can tell that you put plenty of effort into this retold version! I like the original source story, but I can confidently tell you that I would prefer to read yours! This week we are supposed to be giving feedback on author's notes. The author's note found in The Mongoose is clear and straight to the point. I think you did a great job on stating what was changed and what the original source story was like! The best part of your author's note is communicating to the audience where your editing ideas originated from, like the Avatar. I look forward to seeing your wrapped up project!


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